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    Who is the Dr. ABRAHAM ? Want you to know of him ?

  • Dr.ABRAHAM in the sole founder of E.M.D.ABRAHAM Homoeo Clinic. EDM ABRAHAM Homoeo Medicals. EDM ABRAHAM Laboratories and Madras Homoeo Laboratory.
  • Dr.ABRAHAM had an experience of five decades i.e ; half a century in Homoeo practice.
  • He had the fame at curing many perishing patients affected by pestilences (Plagues) like cholera and small pox in 1960 ies and 1970 ies which were the years when even the very basic medical help was non available.
  • Dr.ABRAHAM is praised for saving the lives of many by healing their chronic diseases using Homoeo medicines.
  • Those who did not have progeny became parents and thus got their genealogy saved by taking Homoeo medicines given by Dr.ABRAHAM.
  • Even some small surgeries have been conducted by him using only Homoeo medicines.
  • Dr.ABRAHAM has proved that Homoeo medicines can cure not only chronic diseases but also some suddenly appearing viral diseases (epidemics) with in short periods.
  • Preparing some of new Homoeo medicines and experimenting them by personal use  and has achieved successful results.
  • Producing some compound Homoeo mixtures. Dr.ABRAHAM has proved that, homoeo medicines also can cure diseases and aches as fast as allopathic does and thus disproved the wrong motion of people that Homoeo medicines can cure only at snail’s pace.
  • Even for flora and fauna he had used homoeo medicines and had seen amazing results in 1970ies.
  • Public and pupils of schools had been given an awareness Homoeo can provide preventive medicines for small pox and cholera.
  • Some medicines curing incurable and chronic diseases prepared and experimented on many patients with practically proving positive results born of Dr.ABRAHAM fifty years of good practice are being prepared by
  •                                     ABRAHAMS HOMOEOPATHY PVT LTD.

         These medicines are used not only in tamilnadu but also on other states.

  • All such medicines have been given to many patients and their healing powers are confirmed and their reliability proved, they are produced confirming to the quality control rules.
  • We are proud of manufacturing such medicines of good quality.
  • It will never be an exaggeration if we say that Dr.ABRAHAMS a born Christian was also a man of very strict policies, lived in a way that seemed up right in his eyes and he was a genuine Christian, a good humanitarian serving his brethren and an austere witness of LORD ALMIGHTY SAVIOR JESUS CHRIST
  • So, we are sure that services of Dr.ABRAHAM to mankind through this homoeo practice and medicines are not only irrefutable but also unforgettable and indestructible by time.

Birth : 10.11.1931

Home call : 10.06.2004

Birth Place : Malaysia (Typing)

Place he lived : Tamilnadu (India)

Father'sName : Edward Dairayam

Mother's Name : Mary Dairiyam