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“ like cures like ’’ { or similia similibus curenter } is the basic principle of homoeopathy ,

Homoeopathy is the system of treatment based on demonstrable laws and principles , which are -

  • The Law of Similars - It is also called the Law of Cure. This law demonstrates that the selected remedy is able to produce a range of symptoms in a healthy person similar to that observed in the patient, thus leading to the principle of Similia Similibus Curentur i.e. let likes be treated by likes. To give a simple example the effects of peeling an onion are very similar to the symptoms of acute cold. The remedy prepared from the red onion, Allium cepa, is used to treat the type of cold in which the symptoms resemble those we get from peeling onion. The principle has been verified by millions of Homoeopaths all over the world.
  • The Law of Single Remedy - This law directs to choose and administer such a single remedy, which is most similar to the symptom complex of the sick person at a time.
  • The Law of Minimum Dose - The similar remedy selected for a sick should be prescribed in minimum dose, so that when administered there is no toxic effects on the body. It just acts as a triggering and catalytic agent to stimulate and strengthen the existing defense mechanism of the body. It does not need to be repeated frequently.

Why do you need Homeopathy?
We are carry health disadvantages, from our family history, past trauma, or from the environment. Homeopathic medicines the underlying cause of the symptoms, not just the symptoms. Conventional medicine treats just symptoms and parts of the body, never taking into consideration that our bodies operate as a whole.

  • Conventional medicine typically treats symptoms by suppressing them with drugs. This will not cure the problem - just temporarily obscure it.
  • A homeopathic remedy acts as a gentle stimulus to the curative powers of your body when your natural healing process is not as effective as it could be.
  • Homeopathy can be safely used alongside conventional medicines and will not interfere with the action of medicines prescribed by your doctor. Because homeopathic medicines (often referred to as remedies) are non-toxic, there are no side effects(2) and they are safe even for pregnant women and babies.